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Alpaca Information — Huacayas and Suris

Why Alpacas?

Alpacas have been domesticated as fiber bearing animals in South America for over 5,000 years. Their fine, soft, cashmere like “wool” was worn by the Incan royalty, and is valued in the fashion industry all over the world. Alpacas, cousins to llamas, have been imported to the U.S. since the early 1980’s and quality stock is very high demand. Most alpacas in North America (and all of ours) are registered by the Alpaca Registry, Inc. (ARI), which at the end of 1998 stopped allowing the registration of any more imported alpacas (or those of unknown pedigree). Every alpaca registered with the ARI is bloodtyped and/or DNA tested to verify parentage.

Many people in the U.S. are attracted to owning alpacas because of their profitability, gentle nature, ease of care, and need for only small tracts of land on which to raise them. Others like to raise an animal that they don’t have to kill for meat, and that won’t kill them!! An established end product market for the luxurious fiber (including our national co-op, Alpaca Fiber Co-op of North America) is another strength in the industry.

Support for your marketing efforts is available through a very strong and healthy national breed association, the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA), as well as the newly-formed Kentucky Alpaca Association. Two annual conferences are held annually by AOBA, one the “Fiber to Fashion Conference (February 4-8, 2004 in Reno) and the National Conference, Auction and Show in LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (May 26-30, 2004).

Alpacas have charming personalities, and their small size makes them easy to handle. They are safe and fun for children to be around.

Raising and showing alpacas is a great hobby as well as a business, and the demand for quality breeding stock will be strong for years to come.

Seldom Scene Alpacas

Seldom Scene Farm has a great variety of nearly 70 alpacas! Our alpacas originate from some of the best breeding programs in the U.S. and represent bloodlines from Peru, Chile, and Bolivia. Every breeding animal sells with a full reproductive guarantee (in the form of a written contract) and we take great pride in standing behind our stock. All are registered with the Alpaca Registry, Inc. (ARI).

We raise both huacaya and the more rare suri alpacas, in a huge array of colors. We have had several visitors remark that this is the most colorful herd they have ever seen! We are especially proud of our exceptional herdsires. Many of our home-bred alpacas have excelled in the show ring at both regional and national shows.

Boarding and agistment are available, and we believe that we have the most stress-free, reasonably-priced setting you could find to board your alpacas. The animals have lush pasture and lots of room to roam, and are never crowded into small pens or lots.

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