Why Llamas?

Llamas are very versatile animals, classified as livestock in most states. Raised mainly as pack animals in South America, they have many more purposes in the U.S. They are wonderful companions, great for kids, and fun to show. We no longer show our llamas and alpacas in shows sanctioned by the Alpaca and Llama Show Association (ALSA). Llamas are useful as guard animals for other livestock such as sheep and cows. Their fiber can be extremely fine and lustrous, and we breed for llamas with usable wool. Most of all, llamas are FUN!!!

Packing with Llamas

We became interested in llamas for backpacking purposes when we purchased our first in 1992. Llamas were originally bred for packing, and were important for transportation of goods in South America. They were known as “the ship of the Andes.” Full-grown, well-conditioned llamas can carry up to 120 pounds for fairly long distances on rough terrain. Their tough, padded feet do not tear up fragile terrain like other pack animals such as horses or mules. Llamas make gentle, quiet hiking companions while carrying the supplies one might need in the backcountry.

We no longer offer llama treks due to our emphasis on alpacas, however Paul insists that he will “resurrect” the treks when he retires!

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