Fibers & Gifts

Our Fiber and Education Studio and Gift Shop is open most days by appointment and for scheduled classes. Please contact us if you are interested in classes in felting or spinning.

The shop features items from the Alpaca Fiber Co-op of North America (alpaca yarns, alpaca scarves, alpaca socks, alpaca sweaters, etc.) We also offer alpaca fur teddy bears, as well as hand-made creations by Lindy. These include: hand-felted alpaca hats, handspun/knitted alpaca mittens, handspun yarns, and handpainted (dyed) rovings.

Below is a sample of the items available in our studio.
Alpaca Fur Teady Bears
Hand-dyed (Painted) Alpaca Rovings
Felted Alpaca Hats
Knitted Alpaca Mittens
Alpaca Yarn

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